Keyboard Lubricating Grease

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In mechanical keyboard, there is materials contact with each other like stabilizers and switch keystroke movement. Movement between these surfaces often results in a series of noises described as squeak, itch, or judder.

Krytox lubricants can permanently eliminate these noises. They are easy to apply, have low volatility and can remain in place over the mechanical keyboard entire lifetime. Furthermore, Krytox oils and greases are compatible with a wide variety of materials, and have long-life characteristics that make them ideal lubricants in these applications.

Krytox Lubricating Grease is for general lubing and switch slider, spring, friction contact lubing to improve sound, action and feel. 2g can lube estimate 80 switches, or 1 set of stabilizers.

GHv4 is mix of 206 and 106 at 10:3 ratio. It's very thick.

Lubricant Operating Temperature (°C) Viscosity (20°C) Density Color Odor Shelf Life (Years)
Krytox GPL 203 -60 to 154 82 1.92 White No 20
Krytox GPL 204 -51 to 159 177 1.93 White No 20
Krytox GPL 205 -36 to 204 522 1.94 White No 20


NGLI Grade of Grease:

NLGI Grade Appearance Consistency Food Analogy
#2 Normal Grease Peanut Butter
#1 Soft Grease Tomato Paste
#0 Very Soft Grease Brown Mustard
#0S Softest Grease  
#00 Semi-Fluid Grease Apple Sauce



1. Will Krytox Grease separated to oil for grade 00, 0, 1, 2?

A: Yes, it will separated under certain condition; idle long time, high heat environment, and inconsistence surface of grease when storing. However, separation is very normal for grease. Mix it back the base oil, and you are ready to use.

2. How to store a Krytox Grease?

A: Greases tend to bleed and release their base oils during storage. The rate of oil released from the grease will increase with time and vary based on the temperature at which it is stored. Ideally, grease should be stored in a cool, dry indoor area that does not exceed 30°C and remains above 0°C.


New Product Notice:

- (24 Feb 2019) Krytox GPL 203+205 Grade 0S add in the product list. Limited series, which we made in January for application of linear switches. Only 300g available until sold out.

- (21 Mar 2019) Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0S restock.

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