Shipping Info

International Shipping

Store Uni offered International Priority and International Priority Express to international customers.

We added DHL Express Worldwide, will takes 1-3 Business Days to your doorstep.


International Priority

  • Provide proof of delivery and track features.
  • Require customers' signature upon delivery.
  • Delivery standard is from 5 to 12 working days.
  • Available to 240 destination countries.


Shipping Fee

  South East Asia Rest of the World
150g MYR 19 MYR 25
250g MYR 24 MYR 33
500g MYR 34 MYR 48 


Table of Country vs Delivery Time

Country Business Day
Belgium 7
Bulgaria 11
Chile 11
Croatia 8
Czech Republic 9
Denmark 9
Finland 10
France 8
Germany 8
Greece 12
Hong Kong 8
Hungary 9
Indonesia 9
Ireland 7
Italy 10
Japan 9
Myanmar 8
Netherlands 7
Norway 8
Philippines 9
Poland 11
Romania 20
Russia 10
Serbia 7
Singapore 8
Slovenia 7
South Korea 5
Spain 9
Sweden 7
Switzerland 16
Thailand 6
United Kingdom 8
Vietnam 8


  • Romania and Switzerland delivery time may not as high as listed. We will need extra data to project the delivery time.
  • Argentina Custom will held parcel.
  • Philippines tracking stopped after going through PH Custom. It reported will deliver next day after passing Custom.
  • Store Uni no longer ship International Priority to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States because these countries do not scan for tracking updates during delivery to customers.
  • Bulgaria tracking post leaving Malaysia at this link.
  • Netherlands tracking post after leaving Malaysia at this link.
  • Norway tracking post leaving Malaysia at this link.


International Priority Express

  • Mail drop with online track features.
  • No signature is required upon delivery.
  • Delivery standard is from 5 to 10 working days.
  • Available to 50 destination countries.
Australia Estonia Italy New Zealand South Africa
Austria Finland Japan Norway South Korea
Belarus France Latvia Philippines Spain
Belgium Germany Lebanon Poland Sweden
Brazil Greece Lithuania Portugal Switzerland
Canada Hong Kong Macao Russia Thailand
China Hungary Malta Saudi Arabia Turkey
Croatia India Mauritius Serbia United Kingdom
Cyprus Indonesia Mexico Singapore United States
Denmark Ireland Netherlands Slovenia



Shipping Fee

  South East Asia Rest of the World
150g MYR 24 MYR 31
250g MYR 29 MYR 39
500g MYR 40 MYR 54


Table of Country vs Delivery Time

Country Business Day
Canada 6
Netherlands 4
United States 10